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Limitation of liability

The contents of this website are created with utmost care. Nonetheless, the provider does not assume any warranty and liability for the correctness, completeness, currency, quality and availability at all times of the contents of the website. The user accesses the information contained herein or information that is referred to and uses it on his own responsibility.

The DGHO as service provider in accordance with § 5  German Telemedia Services Act (TMG) is responsible for its own contents on these pages under general laws. In accordance with §§ 8 to 10 TMG, however, the DGHO as service provider is not obliged to monitor transmitted or stored information or to examine it in situations that point towards an illegal activity. Obligations towards removal or blocking of use of information under generally applicable laws remain unaffected. A liability in this respect, however, commences only from the time when a concrete infringement comes to DGHO's notice. Once such infringements come to its notice, DGHO shall remove them immediately.

Without prejudice to the regulations of § 675 Para 2 BGB, the following liability limitation applies with respect to the information on offer:

Liability claims against the DGHO and its staff/partners as well as the authors or those engaged in the provisioning of contributions, which refer to material or imaginary damages caused by the use or non-use of the information on offer and/or by the use of erroneous or incomplete information, are excluded.
No liability is assumed for any damage caused by computer viruses during call or download of data or during installation or use of the software. Insofar as laws, standards, ordinances and the like are cited, the provider of this website does not assume any warranty for the correctness or currency of the information. The original sources should be referred to in case of doubt.
All subject-specific information found on this website is provided by qualified experts. However, such information should not be regarded as a substitute for individual professional consultation or treatment by qualified and recognised specialists. Same as other sciences, medicine is also subject to continuous changes and amendments. Research and clinical experience expand our knowledge, in particular with regard to treatment and medicinal therapy. If a method or application, a dosage or a form of application is mentioned on this website, the reader may depend on the fact that the authors and the editors have taken great care that this information reflects the current state of research on the subject when the respective text is made available online. The authors and editors, however, do not assume any warranty for this information about method, form of application and dosage. Every user is urged to ascertain - e.g. by reading the instructions for use of medical devices or the product insert with preparations that are used and, where necessary, also by consulting a specialist or other literature - whether the recommended application or dosage or the warning against contra-indications mentioned therein are different from those on this website. Each use, application or dosage is made at the user's own risk.
The editors do not assume any liability which arises from any use whatsoever of the information contained on this website or of parts thereof.


The contents and works published on these web pages are protected by copyright. Any use that is impermissible under the copyright act requires the prior written consent of the respective author or copyright holder. This applies in particular to copying, editing, translation, saving, processing, dissemination or rendition of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Contents and contributions by third parties must be marked as such. The unauthorised copying or transmission of individual or complete contents or individual or complete pages is not allowed and is a punishable offence. Only the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use is allowed.

The transfer and use of data - with the exception of press releases - for purposes other than those mentioned above requires DGHO's written consent. In particular the use of DGHO's logo, the Onkopedia logo and the logo of the Onkopedia Guidelines by DGHO non-members or the misuse of these logos by any natural person or legal entity is forbidden. If contents of these web pages and logos are desired, please contact the DGHO's Berlin office (for contact details, see Legal Notice).

All the brand names and trademarks mentioned within the offer on the web pages and possibly protected by third party proprietary rights are subject to the regulations of the current version of the trademark law and the proprietary rights of the respectively registered owners. Registered trademarks (protected trade names) etc. are not marked in any special way. Therefore, the lack of such a mark should not be construed as an indication that the trade name is free.
The use or misuse of brand names and trademarks or of any other materials - other than within the permissible scope mentioned here - is forbidden and can constitute an infringement of copyright regulations, trademark rights or other statutory provisions.

The DGHO always tries to respect the copyrights of others and/or to draw on self-created works or those that are in the public domain. It strives to respect the copyrights to all the graphics, tables, diagrams, audio clips, video clips and texts used in all the publications. Its effort is to use self-created graphics, tables, diagrams, audio clips, video clips and texts or to draw on graphics, tables, diagrams, audio clips, video clips and texts that are in the public domain. If graphics, tables, diagrams, audio clips, video clips and texts that are not specially marked but are protected by third party copyright should nonetheless be found on one of the pages of DGHO, then we were not aware of the existence of the copyright. In the event of such an unintentional copyright infringement, we shall remove the concerned object from our web pages upon being notified of the infringement and/or we will mark it as material protected by copyright. The copyright to published objects created by the author himself remains solely with the author of the pages. Copying or use of such graphics, tables, diagrams, audio clips. video clips and texts on other electronic or printed publications is forbidden without the explicit consent of the author.

Links to the web pages of DGHO, of Onkopedia and of the Onkopedia Guidelines are always welcome. The display of this website in foreign frames is permitted only with prior permission.

Availability of the web pages

The web pages of the provider are a service offer to its visitors. The provider will try to offer uninterrupted service for access by the visitor. However, downtimes cannot be excluded even while exercising utmost care. The provider reserves the right to modify, add to or delete its offer, parts of its offer and/or pages at any time without any special notice.


The respective author is responsible for the content of advertisements and also for the content of the advertised website. The display of the advertisement does not imply DGHO's acceptance of the contents displayed in the advertisements.

Contractual relationship

The use of the website www.dgho.de in no way implies that the user and the provider have entered into a contractual relationship. To this extent, no contractual or quasi-contractual claims against the provider can arise. All possible offers are without obligation and non-binding.

A contractual relationship can be entered into on the web pages http://www.onkopedia.com/ and http://www.onkopedia-guidelines.info/. In the event that the use of the website results in the conclusion of a contractual relationship, the following liability limitation shall apply: The provider is liable for wilfully intended and grossly negligent damage and infringement of a cardinal contractual duty. The provider is liable for such damages that are attributable to slightly negligent infringement of cardinal duties by it or by one of its legal agents or vicarious agents, with the limitation of compensation for damage that was typically foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract. The provider is not liable in the event of slightly negligent infringement of collateral duties which are not cardinal duties. The liability for damages that are covered under a warranty or assurance given by the provider as well as the liability for claims under the Product Liability Act and damages suffered on account of loss of life, bodily harm or harm to health remain unaffected.

Governing law

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