Questions and Answers

What is the DGHO-Onkopedia special membership?

  • The DGHO-Onkopedia special membership was created by the DGHO Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hämatologie and Medizinische Onkologie e.V. in order to allow users to access the fee-based contents of the Onkopedia web portal www.onkopedia.com or www.onkopedia-guidelines.info . The members of the professional associations affiliated to Onkopedia already have free access to all of Onkopedia's contents through their membership.

Who can become a special member of Onkopedia?

  • Any interested person of full age can acquire a DGHO-Onkopedia special membership by registering himself. Notes: This special membership does not constitute any membership that falls within the purview of the law of associations.

Which advantages / services can one avail of on becoming a special member of Onkopedia?

  • Access to detailed contents on the Onkopedia web portal is a fee-based service. Onkopedia special members can use the entire contents of the Onkopedia web portal including the guideline details.

Onkopedia special members can register for receiving DGHO e.V. newsletters and information.

  • Onkopedia special members do not have any voting right, do not receive any other rebates or privileges.
    If an Onkopedia special member later decides to acquire a (full-) membership of DGHO e.V., then the EUR 149.00 special membership contribution can be deducted from the contribution for membership of DGHO e.V.

What does the DGHO-Onkopedia special membership cost?

  • The Onkopedia special membership costs Euro 149.00 per year (as of Jan. 2021). The first annual contribution becomes due on the day of registration, and therewith with the the start of the membership, and thereafter annually.

How can one become a DGHO-Onkopedia special member?

  • Interested persons register themselves online on Onkopedia and initiate the online payment via credit card. After successful booking, you will receive a confirmation by email along with your bill in the form of a pdf-file and the access data for Onkopedia.

Which payment methods are possible?

  • The initial payment is made online via credit card or PayPal directly at the time of registration. On conclusion of the DGHO-Onkopedia special membership, the amount is automatically withdrawn from your credit card or PayPal. If you do not possess any credit card or PayPal-account, please contact onkopedia@dgho.de. For the subsequent years, payment can be made via SEPA direct debit mandate or once again via credit card or PayPal. You can also pay by bank transfer by using the following accounting connection:
    Account number IBAN: DE33 6601 0075 0138 2327 54
    Name of  the Bank: Postbank Karlsruhe
    Name of the account holder: DGHO e.V.
    Reference: Onkopedia special membership, Name, Surname

    How can one end the DGHO-Onkopedia special membership?

    • The membership can be ended annually at the end of the billing period for which payment has already been made. The termination notice must be received in writing 14 working days in advance (can be sent by email to onkopedia@dgho.de or postal service). The special membership then ends at the end of the billing period for which payment has been made.

    Are the costs of my Onkopedia special membership tax-deductible?

    • Onkopedia is a guideline portal for practising doctors. If used only for professional purposes, it is possible to declare the annual Onkopedia membership contributions as business expenses or advertising costs to the German Tax and Revenue Office. Your tax adviser will surely be able to guide you in case of any doubt.

    I have technical questions or my access data do not function.

    • If you have any questions or problems, please contact us directly by email at onkopedia@dgho.de.

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